The dynamic business sector in the area known as Harlem is starting to see growth and investment from the various levels of government. If you are considering taking advantage of the vibrant business environment Harlem has to offer, then there are several programs you should check out that can help to make your business a success.

Financing and Incentives for Businesses in Harlem

For a business to succeed, it needs financial assistance. To help spur the growth of businesses in Harlem, there are funding and incentive programs available for business owners to take advantage of. These are programs that come from all levels of government, and are available to all types of Harlem companies.

Business Resource and Investment Service Center

The Business Resource and Investment Service Center has a program called Small Business Loans that is exactly what it claims to be. There is a set of criteria a business must meet to be approved for this program, but the help offered comes in the form of loans ranging from $50,000 to $250,000.

Contact Information: All of the loan criteria, along with contact information, can be found at the BRISC website at http://www.umez.org/index.cfm?e=inner2&itemcategory=59442.

Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone Microloans Program

The Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone has put together a network of lenders who are prepared to offer microloans to Harlem businesses. These loans range in size from $500 to $50,000, and they are available to any small business that meets the lenders' criteria.

Contact Information: To learn more about how to apply for a microloan, you can visit the UMEZ Microloan Program website at http://www.umez.org/index.cfm?e=inner2&itemcategory=59443.

Programs for Entrepreneurs in Harlem

Harlem is a tight-knit community where people look out for each other. That means that businesses that serve the Harlem community can expect to get the best kind of support the area has to offer. There are several services and programs available through local Harlem organizations that can help entrepreneurs to build success.

Community Economic Development Program

The Community Economic Development Program offers support to entrepreneurs, along with the resources they need to get their businesses off the ground. Entrepreneurs can find business guidance with this program, and they can also find access to the materials they need to create products that can be sold to the local community, and around the world.

Contact Information: To learn more about this program and get details on how you can participate, you can check out the program's website at http://www.hbany.org/ced-program-.html.

Creative Workspace

Many young entrepreneurs have good ideas, but they lack the support structure necessary to get their ideas off the ground. Creative Workspace is a physical location that gives entrepreneurs access to tools such as Internet-enabled computers, conference rooms and teleconferencing equipment.

Contact Information: To read about what the Creative Workspace has to offer and learn how to register, you can visit the Creative Workspace website at http://www.creativeworkspacehba.com/.

Workforce and Local Business Programs in Harlem

An area that Harlem businesses find challenging is having access to qualified employees. Organizations and community leaders in Harlem recognize the problem, and that is why there has been a series of programs set up to support local businesses, and train workers to fit the jobs that are being created.

Disrupt Harlem

Disrupt Harlem was a very popular youth workforce development program that has been reinstated to help meet the needs of the rapidly evolving Harlem business community. Harlem youths are given the instruction and tools they need to learn how to design and build websites, and use programming code to meet the needs of customers. This is a hands-on program that is helping to create new talent for the future of Harlem businesses.

Contact Information: To get the details on Disrupt Harlem, you can visit their website at http://disruptharlem.org/.

Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone Workforce Development Program

If your company has a proven track record of providing employment in the Harlem area, then you could qualify for assistance from the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone Workforce Development Program. This is a program that funds organizations who are working hard to train Harlem residents on new job skills, and get the people in the area back to work.

Contact Information: You can get all of the details on the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone Workforce Development Program by visiting the website at http://www.umez.org/index.cfm?e=inner2&itemcategory=59449.